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MSR Traditions

Since its founding in 1974, The Montessori School has established several annual traditions designed to enrich the student experience, deepen connections with the school, and emphasize Montessori values. 

From the annual Mystery History in elementary school, to travel experiences in the Middle and Upper Schools, your student will look forward to these events and activities as part of their MSR educational journey.

Mystery History and Parade of Heroes

These favorite elementary grade-level events are a fun and educational way to deepen student understanding and inspire a love of learning. A special twist on Halloween, Mystery History has students in grades 1-3 choosing from an assigned category of educational significance—such as renowned peace leaders, endangered animals, historical figures, mythology, literary characters, etc. Students research, write a report, and make  a presentation to their class while dressed as their chosen person, animal or thing.  Mystery History culminates with a costume parade for parents and younger students.

Parade of Heroes for students in grades 4-6, is the culmination of their semester of themed-study in a specific topic area. Each student choses a hero to research and then prepares a presentation about that hero. 

Fields Trips and Educational Travel

In keeping with the Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) approach to learning, making connections through real-world experiences is what MSR field trips and educational travel are all about. Designed to give students at every grade-level, toddler-grade 12, age-appropriate experiences beyond the confines of the classroom, these off-campus experiences range from local strawberry farm visits to an annual D.C. trip, and international travel. Click for more about field trips in our Middle School and Upper School.

Upper School Book Signing Ceremony

All students joining the MSR Upper School participate in a book signing event each fall. The Upper School Book contains the names of all the students who have attended the Upper School. As part of the commencement ceremony, graduates will place a stamp next to their name in the Upper School Book to mark their status as a graduate of MSR and signify the successful completion of their high school experience.

School Ring and Ring Ceremony

In the fall of 2019, as the first class of seniors began their final year at MSR, a team of students designed MSR’s first class ring to provide students with a lasting memory of their  time at The Montessori School of Raleigh. The MSR class ring incorporates a set of three interlocking circles symbolizing the continuous flow of learning, the three-year Montessori learning cycle, the collaborative nature of Montessori, and the qualities of empathy, peace, and communication. Class rings are traditionally purchased by students as juniors and worn throughout the senior year. A special ring ceremony, symbolizing the passage from the junior to senior year, is held in the spring of junior year. Rings are worn facing the student while at MSR and are turned away from the student at commencement, symbolizing the transition out into the world.

Commencement Cap Toss

With the addition the Upper School on our Brier Creek Campus, MSR now conducts a commencement ceremony each year to celebrate and acknowledge the members of its graduating class. Commencement takes place in late-May and is an opportunity to recognize the graduates for all they have accomplished, all they contributed to life at MSR, and all they have learned about themselves, the world, and their place in it. Click here for more about our most recent commencement.