Upper School

Your student pushes himself toward ever advancing mastery in upper school as he prepares for a confident lift-off to college and an authentic, fulfilling life beyond.

A fully engrossing college-prep, Montessori school with an IB Diploma Programme? To those just getting to know Montessori education and the International Baccalaureate continuum, this series of descriptors can seem surprising — even incongruous — at a glance. But as you get to know MSR and our real-life learning approach, the synergy of this combination makes perfect sense.

In some ways, Upper School at MSR looks exactly like what you would expect to see at any high school. Our students tackle advanced course work, take challenging exams, perform large-scope research and writing projects, compete in varsity athletics, participate in a distinguishing array of extracurricular studies and activities in languages, arts, and technology. And for good reason — these experiences are essential to your student’s overall readiness for university-level work. The difference: at MSR, we emphasize more than academic readiness. Your student meets and exceeds advancing academic benchmarks as part of a more complete and balanced approach to college (and life) preparation.

Our Montessori philosophy and approach (as well as our optional IB Diploma track) ensures not only that your child is academically prepared for the rigors of college but also that she launches into her adult life confident in who she is and comfortable in how she relates to peers and adults, fully aware of her greatest strengths and talents, equipped to pursue her passions with purpose, and thoroughly capable of independently managing and directing her own work.

As the world opens up before her, we apply all that we know about adolescent development in general and about your child in particular to make sure these years ignite her unique passions and fuel them with the academic, social, emotional, and other real-life skills she needs to succeed. Because at MSR, she’s not just preparing for the future, she’s practicing a way of life now that she’ll carry with her into college and life beyond.

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Reflections from the Class of 2020

The International Baccalaureate Merit Scholarship

The International Baccalaureate Merit Scholarship recognizes an incoming 11th grade full IB Diploma student who has a proven record of academic excellence, demonstrated involvement in student leadership and who exhibits exemplary character. This scholarship will fund $5,000 a year for two years of the IB Diploma Program.

The Brier Creek Merit Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes an incoming 9th grade student who exhibits qualities of good character, potential for strong academic achievement and a passion for some area of study in the sciences, humanities, the arts, or technology. This scholarship funds $3,000 for the 9th grade, $4,000 for the 10th grade, and $5,000 a year for the 11th and 12th grade years.


MSR graduates—self-assured, make-it-happen, entrepreneurial thinkers—who have come to trust in themselves as masters of their own destinies and engineers of their own authentic, fulfilling lives are ready to take on any challenge—in college and beyond—and to pursue their brightest futures with confidence.