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Like all other tools your child gains mastery of at MSR, we introduce new technologies when the time is right.

In Early Learning, your child is absorbing and making sense of vast amounts of new information and experiences—building functional autonomy and learning through all five senses. Real-world sensory experiences and interactions are developmentally critical during these years, so we make the most of this time by not yet incorporating screen-based device. In Lower Elementary, students begin with keyboarding and software navigation. By third grade, they’re using a range of programs to create and present project work. In Upper Elementary, students explore the most relevant emerging technologies for collaboration and sharing information, learning not only to navigate and apply new tools but also to evaluate whether and when a digital platform and its content are reliable and useful. By the time students reach Middle and Upper School, they’re applying their expanding knowledge—fully engaging their imaginations and integrating their interests using technological tools.

Creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making—your student’s ability to wield technological tools is essential to developing and applying all of these crucial life skills.

Learn more about how technology is integrated throughout our curriculum within level-by-level Areas of Study:

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