Middle & Upper School

Weekly sessions for campers entering Grades 7 - 12 in Fall 2020. Camp runs from June 8 - July 31.

* NEW THIS YEAR* Full payment must be made at time of registration to guarantee your camper's spot in a session.

Brier Creek Campus
408 Andrews Chapel Road
Durham, NC

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
$175 per camper/week (unless otherwise notified)

12:30 - 4:00 PM
$175 per camper/week (unless otherwise notified)

Full Day
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
$350 per camper/week (unless otherwise notified)

*Campers attending both AM and PM or Full Day sessions will eat lunch at camp. Half day campers will not.

June 8-12
From Harlem to Here (grades 5-8)

Immerse yourself in the world of art, poetry, and music of the Harlem Renaissance and related world history of the 1920's. Led by Ms. Denise Forbes, this is one session you don’t want to miss!

Beyond 6 Characters (grades 6-8)

Dive into the many layers of organic beauty such as age-appropriate dress, hair, and makeup with Ms. Denise Forbes. Participants will take a trip to a local makeup shop, become aware of beauty icons representing diverse cultures, and culminate in an affirmation runway. 

Full Day
Fusion Band (grades 7-12, $400)

Calling all experienced drummers/percussionists, keyboarders/pianists, bass guitarists, electric guitarists, and vocalists! This is an opportunity to come together and play in a Fusion Band let by Mr. Erick Crepsak! Fusion incorporates multiple genres in both the individual sound and overall showcase. Participants will collectively contribute their experience and knowledge of the performing arts to form a band intent on sharing music from an eclectic array of genres. This program is geared towards musicians who have some experience on their instrument(s) and require little to no instruction on how to play their instruments.

This week long experience will culminate in a final showcase where participants display their ability to perform music of a variety of styles with other musicians in a cohesive capacity. It is best if participants bring their own instruments; however, we can accommodate students who have the required skills but lack the instrumentation. 

June 15-19
Cake Boss (grades 7-12)

Do you wonder how the members of Cake Boss design their amazing cakes? Now is your chance! Learn various decorating techniques to design confections and traditional layer cakes with hobby cake instructor, Ms. Michelle Mallach. No experience necessary.

Full Day
Outdoor Adventures with Greg Dahlin (grades 5-12)
2 Week Camp: June 15-19 & June 22-26

Experience first-hand the natural wonders of our home state with experienced outdoorsman, naturalist, and trained wilderness first-responder, Mr. Greg Dahlin. During this two week program, participants will engage in backcountry and primitive skill work and plan a 3 or 4 day wilderness adventure to apply and extend their learning in our own North Carolina mountains. The length and details of the trek will be determined by the goals, experience levels, and abilities of the group.

Teambuilding and outdoor leadership work, as well as vital skill work and planning, take place during both weeks. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about essential backpacking gear and equipment, Leave No Trace ethics, shelter, fire building, backcountry cooking, wilderness first aid, hiking and orienteering, natural history and mountain ecology. out on our mountain adventure. Space is limited.

July 6-10
Ultrasonic Maze-Solving Robot (grades 7-9,  $250)

Imagine building an autonomous vehicle that uses sound waves to avoid collisions and finds its way out of a maze all by itself! You’ll just do that in this session led by Techsplorers’ instructors. Participants will learn how sound can be used to measure distance, add ultrasonic sensors to a robot, and program it to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. The real challenge is figuring out how to navigate and solve a maze! Using Arduino, students will learn a real programming language used in industry by real engineers. No programming or Arduino experience is necessary. Laptops will be available to borrow, though, we also recommend bringing in your own.

Intro to Mechanical Engineering (grades 7-12,  $250)
Explore gravity, buoyancy, energy, work, and friction by designing roller coasters, building catapults, and experimenting with sound waves. Led by Techsplorers’ instructors, participants will learn about the different types of simple machines and create a vehicle that can protect a passenger during a crash. If you like things that move and hurling projectiles, this session is just for you! 

July 13-17
LEGO Stop Motion Animation (grades 7-9, $250)

“Everything is Awesome!” when you are the director and producer of your own Lego® Movie adventure! All participants will script, stage, produce, and shoot their own mini-movie using stop motion animation techniques and LEGO® Bricks. Work as a team to build a set and props, shoot your movie using laptops and web cams, then add special effects, titles, and credits! Gear Shifters will host a screening party on the last day of camp for friends and family. All campers will receive a DVD of all the movies created in class AND take home a custom mini figure!

Flying Drone Creator Workshop (grades 7-12, $250)

The sky’s the limit when you join Gear Shifters instructors to design and build working drones. Using LEGO® Bricks, participants will add custom motors, propellers, circuit boards and wiring get their drones to fly! They’ll also learn the basics with a 4-rotor design and work their up to an 8-motor working drone creation. If you consider yourself an advanced builder with lots of patience, this workshop is just for you!