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Your child was born ready—to contribute, to experience, to explore, to learn, to know, and to understand the world and how it works.

School, as most of us think of it, is meant to help students get ready, to prepare them in many different ways for each advancing step toward success in college and, ultimately, life. But a child’s school years are much more than just preparation for “real life.” This is already real life. And the ways in which our students learn and live today shape the people they will become tomorrow.

Each stage of learning and life brings its own particular opportunities, capacities, and potential for growth. Maria Montessori, through intensive study and observation, defined these stages as the Four Planes of Development, and each level of our MSR curriculum has been specifically designed around the needs and characteristics of students at each stage to provide the optimal learning environment. At every level at MSR, we closely observe, assess, and report each student’s advancing progress as a whole person. Standard assessment methods—like grades and testing—are a useful and integral aspect of this when developmentally appropriate, but our comprehensive approach to student evaluation goes deeper, involving close, carefully recorded observations and individual assessments in which the student is an active participant.

And so at MSR, through our vigorous and encompassing toddler-through-grade 12 program, our mission is to ensure that our students are ever more ready to live their lives to the fullest — intellectually, interpersonally, and with independence — not only in the future but now and at every age and stage of their development.