PE and Health

At MSR, we focus on complete wellness—opportunities for movement and physical activity as well as personal, emotional, consumer, and social health.

More than a subject area, health is a way of life at MSR. This means that we not only create an environment that encourages and supports physical fitness and healthful living for students, we help them learn to practice and maintain healthy bodies, minds, and spirits for themselves.

From their earliest days at MSR, students begin to take responsibility for their bodies, developing physical balance and practicing the routines, rituals, and habits of a balanced life that they’ll carry with them into the rest of their lives. Throughout their years at MSR, students participate in all the common aspects of a quintessential Health and P.E. program: learning to eat right, get plenty of activity, take time to rest, gain physical strength and agility, and develop competitive athletic skills. Our program also includes less obvious but equally critical components of a balanced, healthy, and happy life: learning to manage and express feelings responsibly, maintain positive relationships, establish and respect healthy boundaries, move through the world with purpose, responsibility, courtesy, and even grace.

And because they pursue a daily practice of independent choice-making regarding their social, emotional, and physical well-being, they develop both lifelong habits of healthy living and the self-conscious ability to make good decisions for themselves as they embark on life beyond school.

Learn more about our P.E. and Health curriculum within level-by-level Areas of Study:

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TODDLER Areas of Study


Children are developing physical balance in Toddlers. They’re also practicing the rituals, routines, and habits of a balanced life. There’s a time for movement and wiggling and a time for quiet, focused work, a time to be outdoors, a time for resting, and a time for preparing and eating healthy food.



Through PE activities, your child learns how to move purposefully (to achieve his goals), responsibly (with respect to others and his own safety), and even gracefully (developing poise and self-possession). As an older child gives a presentation or performance, his physical composure is part of the success encouraged by his teacher. Learning healthy self-management also includes making time for rest and play (indoors and out), caring for his personal hygiene, choosing healthy foods, managing his feelings responsibly, and expressing them clearly. Extended Day students receive an additional two PE classes a week of 45 minutes each.



MSR’s PE and Health Education programs provide ample opportunities for your child to not only practice the habits of physical fitness and personal health, but also to take personal responsibility for her own well-being. Through activities in team sports and individual challenges (e.g., soccer, relays, archery, strength and conditioning exercises), she practices teamwork, good sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Through lessons in eating right, expressing emotions, managing stress, and respecting personal boundaries, she learns respectful physical conduct and other habits of healthy living.



Beginning in 5th grade, your student can participate in interscholastic sports! MSR fields competitive teams in boys’ and girls’ basketball, co-ed cross country, co-ed golf, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ baseball, and girls’ volleyball. With our new upper school athletic facilities on our Lead Mine Campus, we host home soccer games and cross country tournaments and will soon be hosting home basketball and volleyball competitions in our regulation-sized gym (now in the works!). Beyond the fun of playing and competing, our students learn every time they step into the game. They learn how to set and work toward long-term goals, take smart risks, and handle both wins and losses with grace and good sportsmanship.

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