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Upper Elementary

A rich array of imaginative explorations, first-hand experiences, and collaborative, hands-on projects prepare your student for the increasingly sophisticated and challenging work ahead.

In Upper Elementary (grades 4-6), your child’s mind eagerly seeks out more than new experiences and knowledge. He wants to understand the whys and hows behind the way things work—from the systems and laws that govern the universe to those that guide personal and interpersonal situations. He’s managing complex group work, planning his own ambitious projects, and honing skills in both self-assessment and formal evaluations. He’s also learning less traditionally “academic” skills—how to manage money, plan and organize outings, conduct interviews with professionals in various fields, arrange transportation, plan and cook healthy meals.

And, as he’s taken on these increasing levels of responsibility, he’s developed an unshakable confidence in his ability to handle himself and his work.

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