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Lower Elementary

Elementary-age children want to know everything about everything.

Why do stars twinkle? Why do some people have blue eyes? Where does lightening come from? How tall is the tallest building, and how does it stand up? What about the largest dinosaur? How long ago did they live, and why were they so big, anyway? Who decides what’s fair and unfair, right and wrong, good and bad, beautiful and ugly? What does democracy mean?  The questions that arise in childhood, and the way your child learns to answer them, shape the way she comes to see the world and her role within it.

At MSR, we ensure that as Lower Elementary students (grades 1-3)  meet and exceed state and national standards in every subject area, they do so in the context of their own genuine curiosity about the great interrelated story of life on Earth, cultivating deeper understanding, reasoning, and sense-making skills.

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