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Spanish Language

Spanish language study at MSR emphasizes the 5 Cs of the National Standards of Foreign Language: communication, culture, conversation, connections, and comparisons.

US Spanish Class 2022

As children develop mastery of the English language at MSR, they’re introduced in the most timely, developmentally appropriate way to the study of a second language. We begin in Toddler by singing songs, playing games, listening to stories, and participating in other activities that help students develop a basic Spanish vocabulary. Later, in dedicated small-group sessions and in multiple whole-group activities, students build vocabulary and master simple conversation patterns.

Toddler Spanish Class

As students progress through Elementary School, their increasingly robust vocabulary allows for a stronger focus on comprehension, pronunciation, conversation, and even writing. And by the time they reach Middle and Upper School, they can express themselves clearly in written and spoken Spanish and engage more frequently and more fully in interdisciplinary studies in Spanish and Humanities.

Learn more about our Spanish Language curriculum within level-by-level Areas of Study below.

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