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Music & Theater

The idea that every child has musical potential and all children are able to learn and express themselves musically permeates the Montessori method.
Peter Pan Studios Plus March 2023

Music activities are respected at the same level as any other form of learning. Teachers are supportive and encouraging of the child’s musical endeavors. Children learn with music, learn about music, and learn by music. Music is incorporated into the Montessori curriculum in the daily classroom environment as well as through music classes.

At The Montessori School of Raleigh (MSR), music and theater are an important part of the interdisciplinary curriculum. Music classes are provided to students beginning in Toddler through Upper Elementary (grade 6).



Early Childhood

Toddlers enjoy visits to their classroom by trained MSR music guides who deliver a curriculum that includes ear training, an introduction to musical instruments, movement, and more. The use of Montessori materials like Montessori bells are part of the curriculum.

Suzuki Violin
The Suzuki violin program was established at MSR at the Children's House level (children ages 3-6) in 2021-2022. Under the tutelage of two Suzuki-trained music educators, the program continues to grow as students progress with their violin studies year-to-year. Each year students enjoy performing in recital for an audience of peers and family.


Music and Theater

The music curriculum combines with theater studies as students move to Lower and Upper Elementary (grades 1-6). There is an emphasis on music literacy, movement, listening, and the playing of instruments, as well as the basics of stagecraft and performance.  Puppetry and other cross-discipline projects and explorations round out the music and theater curriculum. Elementary students prepare and perform for family and friends a holiday showcase as well as end-of year showcases highlighting what they have learned.

MSR's Studios and Studios Plus after-school enrichment program also offers opportunities for students to explore music and theater.

Middle and Upper School

Music and theater studies are an integrated part of the Middle and Upper School curricula. Visit the Middle School and Upper School pages for additional information, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) theater class and more.

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