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Beyond dedicated weekly instruction, the musical and visual arts are a fully integrated part of every school day.

LMC art class spring 2023

At MSR, students discover the connection between imaginative works of art and intellectual curiosity. They begin with sensory experiences. In music, they experiment with different instruments, make music with their own voices, experience songs from other cultures. In art, they learn to wield chalk, paint, yarn, paper, glue, clay, sponges, and brushes to hold, apply, manipulate, stick, and mold. As they progress, students learn to render their observations using artistic materials; turn math equations into sculptural, textile, or musical patterns; interpret cultural or historic symbols in their own original compositions—in both music and visual arts. Students of the Visual Arts will develop their ability to analyze their own artistic endeavors, embrace cultural experiences, and appreciate the work of their piers. Through art analysis, they learn the language of constructive criticism.

Suzuki Violin

As skills strengthen and students gain experience with a wide variety of art forms and materials, their natural talents emerge. They learn what it means to be an artist, to grasp the relationship between concepts and materials, to draw connections and express their ideas. 

Learn more about how the arts are integrated into our curriculum within level-by-level Areas of Study:

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