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Elementary School

“I’m ready to learn for myself.”

These years are defined by the awakening of social and intellectual fascination and by developing readiness for more abstract thinking.

Even as we ensure your child meets and exceeds state and federal standards, we put his learning into context, connecting every subject to the great interrelated story of life on Earth, cultivating deeper understanding, reasoning, and sense-making skills. We engage him in a range of collaborative situations and practice habits of healthy social and intellectual interdependence: showing empathy, communicating effectively, expressing feelings, respecting boundaries, regulating emotions, and resolving conflict.

And as your child successfully takes on increasing levels of responsibility, he develops an unshakable confidence in his ability to handle himself and his work.


Students who have gained mastery of Elementary School subject matter along with a sense of why (and how) this knowledge relates to and matters for life, developed the ability to engage effectively in a range of collaborative situations, and learned to manage their schoolwork with autonomy and independence are ready to explore their place within the wider world through MSR’s Middle School (grades 7 & 8).