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At MSR, your Toddler is learning first to navigate the classroom and a new social world.

He’s getting a handle on the basic tools of learning—not yet primarily or explicitly academic, but the physical, social, and emotional tools that ready him for the academic work ahead. As he practices catching and throwing, setting the table, raking, shoveling, preparing snacks, and polishing silver, he’s strengthening the large and fine motor control that translates directly into his ability to wield paintbrushes and pencils, keyboards and cameras, scissors and glue. Under his teacher’s watchful guidance, he’s also developing the mental and emotional strength that prepare him for his next steps. He’s venturing independently into new surroundings, joining a new social environment, choosing which lessons he’d like to work on, caring for his workspace, and learning to respect the space of others. Through these embodied experiences, your child is learning to recognize and manage his feelings, interpret and respond to social situations, discern his personal preferences, make independent choices—and see them through.

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