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Children's House

In Children’s House, your child isn’t just engaged in preschool play; he’s doing real work.

While lessons are still fully hands-on, your child begins to relate her exploratory and sensorial experiences to categories of knowledge. She continues to develop these social, emotional, and physical tools, while learning and practicing more explicitly academic skills. She’s learning cursive by tracing “Sandpaper Letters” and manipulating the physical properties of abstract math with strings of beads, Binomial cubes, and other geometric solids. Puzzle maps and globes give her a feel for the shape and contours of the Earth. She learns the traits and names of all types of land- and water-forms. Later—in Elementary, Middle, and even Upper School—she’ll dive deeply into the abstract concepts and theories these sensorial experiences embody. And when she does, she’ll bring with her the visceral awareness—and foundation for genuine and lasting intellectual understanding—she developed in Early Learning.

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