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Early Learning | Pre-K | Kindergarten

“I’m ready to learn for myself.”

This is the fastest period of development in a child’s life and is defined by the building of functional autonomy and learning through all five senses.

During the first years of school, your child is effortlessly absorbing and making sense of vast amounts of new information: colors, flavors, textures, language, math, and other coding systems. She’s learning how to take her first steps toward independence: how to tie her shoes, cut her own vegetables, wash her hands, hold a pencil. She also practices patience and empathy, and learns the basics of conflict resolution and problem solving.

She’s learning how to take care of herself and gaining the confidence that comes with her newfound independence.

"I can make dough and bake bread!"

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Children who have developed academic skills, an inquisitive mind, a confident manner, and a strong work ethic in Early Learning are ready to move on to MSR’s Elementary program (grades 1 to 6).