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Fine Arts Playbill

Middle School Theater presents
An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe
November 1 and 2 at 6:30 p.m.
The Watson Fine Arts Center

The FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER will star Evan Volpe as Rhodes, Nadia Stolz as Roger Usher, Peyton Miller as Doctor, and Peyton Miller as Madeline.

THE PURLOINED LETTER will star Craig Sanguily as Narrator, Zayn Masri as Policeman, Nicholas Dozier as Dupin, Braden Gregory as Daignault, Will Sanguily as Prefect, Hayden Stafford as Prime Minister, and Craig Sanguily as His Highness.

THE OBLONG BOX will star Alyosha Netrebko as Renelle, Cade Wiggins as Cornelius Wyatt, Connor Schenk as Captain Hardy, Sasha Olander as Wyatt’s Wife, Bijou Chapman as Madeline, Stella Russo as Marian, Elle Falkiner as Sailor 1, Kasen Frame as Sailor 2 and Bennett Lee, Gian Khani, and Ryan Knox as the Ship’s Crew.

Upper School Theater presents
The Outsiders
November 8 and 9 at 6:30 p.m.
Watson Fine Arts Center

The play will star Lee Crumpler as Ponyboy Curtis, Lucas Deming as Dallas Winston, Basha Beasley as Johnny Cade, Des Gates as Darrel Curtis, Andrew Longo as Sodapop Curtis, Sarah Barnes as Sandy, Cooper Levins as Two-Bit Matthews, Abbey Kroboth as Cherry Valance, Quin Brunelle as Bob Sheldon, Thomas Peele as Randy Anderson, Trinity Martz as Marcia, Sarah Barnes as Field Trip Teacher, Anderson Adams as Nurse, Quin Brunelle as Doctor, Sarah Barnes as Ms. Syme, and Carter Preble as Paul (Voice over backstage). The Extra Greasers are Sarah, Carter,  and Cooper, and the Extra Socs are Anderson, Thomas, Quin, and Trin.