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Leadership Giving Circle

Members of MSR’s Leadership Giving Circle are among The Montessori School of Raleigh’s most transformative donors to The MSR Annual Fund through a three-year pledge commitment. As a member of these circles, you lead by example and model a commitment to MSR’s future. As a member, you can also expect to engage closely with the Head of School and an ever-expanding group of donors who are both thoughtful and bold in their giving.

Leadership Giving Circles Benefits and Commitments

The greatest benefit of becoming a Leadership Giving Circle member is knowing you are investing not only a school, but a community that has prepared young people since 1974, to be engineers of their own fulfilling lives and grow as the innovative, resilient, courageous, and collaborative leaders our world so greatly needs.

Other benefits include opportunities for interacting with an ever-expanding group of donors who are both thoughtful and bold in their giving; special invitations from the Head of School to events in the broader environment that are related to the education of children and adolescents; access to school updates not shared broadly; and recognition as a key investor in sustaining the legacy of this great school. 

Membership Requirements
● Make a Three-Year Commitment to one of the following Giving Circles:

Amount Per Year Total Three-Year Commitment
$1,500 $4,500
$2,500 $7,500
$5,000 $15,000
$7,500 $22,500
$10,000+ $30,000+


●  Serve as Role Models:​ Members serve as role models to others in the MSR community. They lead by example. They stand “out in front,” model courage, model loyalty, model what it looks like to invest in the future of The Montessori School of Raleigh.
●  Are Visible:​ Members will be recognized at high profile events, will be introduced at gatherings, and may be invited to speak at gatherings as well. The names of MSR giving circle members will be on the website and in MSR publications.
 Engage in the MSR community: ​Members will have the opportunity to engage with the Head of School and additional MSR staff through events and gatherings throughout the year.

Contact Information

Ellie Cooke
Director of  Development
The Montessori School of Raleigh