Student Life


Class Ring


As the first class of Seniors began their final year at MSR in the fall of 2019, the Upper School Student Council queried students for interest in forming a committee to research, design and create MSR’s first class ring. A class ring would provide students with a lasting memory of their  time at the Montessori School of Raleigh.


Two members of the Class of 2021, Emma Finley and Andrew Longo, took a particular interest in this project and began the work of designing, first by sketch and later by computer, an MSR school ring. With design in hand, they prepared and distributed a Request For Proposal to various jewelers in the area and eventually chose Diamonds Direct to help bring their vision to reality. 


Through conversations with the jeweler, the ring design was perfected and improved and the first prototype was created to share with the junior and senior classes.


The MSR class ring incorporates a set of three interlocking circles as the centerpiece. The circles symbolize the continuous flow of learning, the three year Montessori learning cycle, the collaborative nature of how Montessori functions, and represents the qualities of empathy, peace, and communication, as well as the goal of our high school, which is to make students into: agile thinkers, poised communicators, and gracious collaborators. The ring also includes the student’s graduation year engraved on the face.


The MSR class ring can be ordered in gold or silver and in two sizes, 12 millimeters and 15 millimeters.


Class rings are traditionally purchased by students as juniors and worn throughout the senior year. A special ring ceremony, symbolizing the passage from the junior to senior year, is held in the spring of the junior year. Rings are worn facing the student while he/she is still at MSR and are turned away from the student once he/she has graduated.