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(Virtual) Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

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Family Photos

Enjoy photos from Grandparents Day 2020!

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Pearls of Wisdom

One of MSR's favorite Grandparents & Special Friends' Day traditions is to receive your "Pearls of Wisdom."

Enjoy the "Pearls of Wisdom" from Grandparents Day 2020.

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Honor Your Grandchild(ren)

We know our families are our students' greatest strength and support.

Honor your grandchild(ren) through a gift to The MSR Annual Fund and join our MSR Legacy Wall. 

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2020 MSR Legacy Wall 

Generous gifts from Grandparents & Special Friends in honor of their MSR Students.

Phil Applegate | Carter & Emily Rankin
Robert Basile | Julian Basile
Edward Bograd | Elianna & Mira Bograd
Lisa Colby | Corrine McCain

Andy and Sharon Cooke | James & Bonnie Cooke
Phyllis Dolan | Cooper Levens
Mary Edwards | Mary P Edwards
Steve Farrell | Jonah Farrell
Linda Flippo | Declan & Kylan Thompson
Lamar & Jackie Franklin | Caleb & Joshua Franklin
Marsha Gaster | Nolan & Miles Anderson

Norma Hays | Harrison Hays
Kevin and Jodi Hemphill | Ewan Graham
Steve Kovicak | Cael Kovicak
Katherine Larsen | Dylan West
Regina Leonard | Jonah Farrell
Carl Marcus | Maxwell & Aurora Marcus
Loretta Melanson | Julian Basile

Chip and Debbie Morris | Anderson & Coble Adams
Larry and Terry O'Malley | Lucas Deming
Jim Perry | Max & Renwick Shoaff
Tillie Pickard | Grayson White
Stever & Sheryl Plating | James & Bonnie Cooke
Julie Pyle | Eloise, Sam & Will Pyle
Robert Robar | JJ Dukes
Tom Snow | Grayson White
Fran Strombotne | Brenden Strombotne

Don and Barbara Taylor | Carter Edward Preble
Kenneth Thigpen | Caleb & Josh Franklin

Gary and Vicky Wampler | Harrison Hays
Robert and Diane Wendt | Cael Kovicak