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The Miners Philosphy

Beyond the fun of playing and competing, our student athletes learn every time they step into the game.

They learn how to set and work toward long-term goals, take smart risks, and handle both wins and losses with grace and good sportsmanship. We ensure this by:


All members of an MSR team are held accountable for their actions both on the court/field and in the classroom environment. They’re also expected to represent the school in ways that positively reinforce our community’s values, contributing their best effort in practice and performance while treating opponents with respect and integrity.


Participation in athletics helps to strengthen physical, mental, and social skills by exercising teamwork, endurance, and other skills and qualities that have a positive affect on students’ classroom performance. Our student-athletes commit to reaching the highest level of academic standards—as do all MSR students.


As we help students to develop physically as athletes, we also teach them healthy habits of character—this includes pride, respect, humility, and self-discipline. Being a member of an MSR athletic team is a privilege. And our players’ behaviors and attitudes show respect for their school, teachers, parents, coaches, opponents, officials, and themselves.


Like all learning at MSR, our students advance by putting forth their best effort—through practice. Prior to each season, players and parents receive a practice schedule according to each sport. Regular and punctual attendance is respected by all team members, because each one knows that he/she is equally important for the success of the Miners Athletic Program. Playing for an MSR team is a season-long commitment.


The student’s effort, attendance, participation at practice, teamwork, and off-court behavior will be some of the factors considered by the coach when determining playing time.  Every effort shall be made to maximize each participant’s playing time.

VALUING GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP (for players and fans)

Sportsmanship is one of the goals MSR values as part of the athletic program.
What does Sportsmanship look like at MSR?
*Demonstrate humility in victory and defeat by showing respect to teammates and opponents
*Show maximum effort through fair play, honesty and within the rules of the game or activity
*Strive to make others better through cooperation and recognizes the problems that good sportsmanship solves.

Parents, guardians, students and other fans can assist our athletes by honoring and modeling the rules of good sportsmanship. Coaches are expected to be role models for their players. This means their sportsmanship will always be exemplary.


The coaches for all Miners Athletic teams view coaching as a calling, looking to create innovative student athletes. Our coaches believe in focusing on skill development and effort over the score. Having this broad vision with a focus on strong student athletic character often leads to success.