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Strategic Plan


Strategic planning is a critically important endeavor for any institution that has as its main objectives longevity and quality of program. As one of the Triangle’s premier learning institutions and a leader in Montessori education, we are dedicated to fostering a love of learning while actively improving the student experience.


Beginning in fall 2022, The Montessori School of Raleigh (MSR) Board of Trustees and Leadership Team partnered with Acies Strategies Principle Consultant Brooke Carroll to formulate the School's next strategic plan. With input from current parents, students, faculty and staff, grandparents and alumni, the One Vision, Global Horizons strategic plan was created to provide MSR a roadmap for the next five years. 

One Vision, Global Horizons

Organized with six core strategic initiatives in mind, MSR seeks to become a known leader in Montessori education, offering excellent Montessori education to its students, where connections are nurtured within the community, employees are supported and retained, facilities are safe and supportive to Montessori education, and the School has a foundation by which to thrive into the future. 

Developing and implementing the plan is our declaration of a commitment to our students’ success, to MSR as a first-choice learning institution, and to our community’s collective stewardship of this amazing school.

Head of School
Monica Rodriguez