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Assessment and Testing

At MSR, we take a comprehensive approach.

MSR assesses student growth constantly using a variety of tools such as portfolios, student records, observations, scope and sequence charts, testing,* and informal in-class assessments such as the I-Ready and DIBLES. We incorporate testing and other standard assessments when the time is right developmentally (e.g., testing begins in Elementary School when documented progress helps inform instruction and showcase growth; grades begin in Middle School when students are ready for more formal commitments, responsibilities, and accountability). At every level, we closely observe, assess, and report each student’s advancing progress. We also involve them in the process.

From the very start, children practice directing and evaluating their own learning. By the time they reach college, MSR graduates are comfortable with meeting performance requirements measured by tests and grades, but they’re not motivated by these external markers. They’re driven by a self-sustaining and irrepressible desire to learn.

*For required standardized testing, MSR administers the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP-4) to all students in grades 3 through 9 in the fall. Students are tested within their classrooms by their teachers on the content from the year before. The testing window lasts one week and the results are used as a data point for teachers to understand what student know and what they need to work on. Parents also receive copies of their child’s scores.