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Our Montessori Method

The Montessori School of Raleigh (MSR) is the Triangle’s modern embodiment and mindful practice of the time-proven Montessori philosophy.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” As a Montessori school, we’ve always believed this truth, asserted by Plutarch in the first century and embodied in the Montessori approach since 1907. Today, schools everywhere are asking themselves: How must education change in a time when students have a vast library of information at their fingertips? In other words, how do we tend, stoke, and fuel this flame? MSR answers as it always has: From the very beginning, honor and cultivate each student’s innate capacity and inclination to learn.

At the core of the Montessori approach is the now research- and time-proven belief that the most memorable and meaningful learning happens when your student (and his questions, interests, and experiences) are at the center of a complete and balanced education. It’s known among 21st century educators as “student-directed learning.”

Our learning environment—both on our 10-acre Lead Mine Campus in Raleigh (for Early Learning through Elementary) and our 40-acre Brier Creek Campus in Durham County (for Middle and Upper School)—is intentionally attuned to this purpose, creating real-life opportunities for self-directed discovery, intellectual growth, and authentic engagement with the world — both within and beyond school.

The reliable result: MSR students become ever more agile thinkers, poised communicators, and gracious collaborators—engineers of authentic and fulfilling lives.

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MSR holds accreditations from the American Montessori Society (AMS). We are a 501(c)(3) institution governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of talented professionals from the Triangle community.