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Girl harvests  tomatoes in BCC garden 9-2021

Dr. Maria Montessori once said, "When children come into contact with nature they reveal their strength." At The Montessori School of Raleigh (MSR), nature education is an integral part of the curriculum at every grade level. Just as Maria Montessori observed children to better understand how they learn, children in the Montessori classroom observe nature to better understand themselves, the world around them, and their place in it. 

Girl harvests  tomatoes in BCC garden 9-2021

Nature education

On MSR's Lead Mine Campus (LMC), serving children ages 15 months to grade six, students learn to care for the plants, and sometimes animals, in their classrooms. With each classroom equipped with an outdoor garden space, children also study the cycle of nature as they nurture their plants and even harvest the fruits of their labor. MSR's 40-acre Brier Creek Campus (BCC), home to the middle and upper schools, provides students with ample opportunity to explore the natural habitats around them and participate in a unique Land and Livestock program engaging students in everything from cultivating an organic garden to raising chickens.
Fall Plant Sale and Classroom Crops
In support of its nature education, MSR sponsors a fall and spring plant sale and garden day each year. Recent COVID-19 restrictions have meant the school-wide Garden Days have been postponed; however, the Fall Plant Sale is up and running. 
Offering pumpkins, herbs, and seasonal plants including beautiful fall mums supplied by the Tarheel Nursery, the MSR Fall Plant Sale is open to the public as well as the MSR community. Purchasers choose plants for their own homes and may also donate plants toward the MSR Classroom Crop. Plants donated to the Classroom Crops are delivered to classrooms on both of the school's campuses per each classroom's plant wish list. Students then enjoy honing their horticultural skills as they plant and build their classroom and/or campus gardens.
Toddlers observe lizard

Plants are available for purchase online through Friday, Oct. 1, and will be available for on-campus pick-up on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 7 and Oct. 8. Click here to place your order!

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