Director of Marketing & Communication

MSR seeks a full-time Director of Marketing & Communication.

  • Level I Administrator: 12-month position
  • Supervised by and reports to the Head of School (HoS)
  • Supervises Communications Team
  • Chairs Marketing & Communications Team
  • Member of Senior Leadership Team; Calendar & Logistics Committee; Crisis Management Team; other committees as assigned by HoS

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in communications, marketing, or related field
  • Minimum 5 years work-related experience
  • School-related experience preferred
  • Experience with platforms that include Blackboard Connect, Finalsite, Veracross, InDesign, social media

Responsibilities vis a vis Strategic Goals

  • Strengthens market position
  • Provides strategic leadership for cultivating new markets and promoting programs at the school to include the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, and Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) education
  • Provides support for growth in enrollment and philanthropic support
  • Centralizes communication to parents through integration of Veracross and Finalsite
  • Provides leadership through partnership in building retention
  • Partners with others in the ongoing work of rebuilding trust and confidence among current parents and in the broader marketplace

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acts as central media relations specialist
  • In collaboration with Director of Enrollment Management, designs and executes School's annual marketing plan
  • Manages all communications related to health and safety, including threats and warnings
  • Oversees internal and external communications, including advertising, social media posts, parent newsletters, the School's website
  • Provides leadership for leveraging capacity in new website
  • Manages the design and production of Annual Fund appeals, school photography, and videos
  • Hires and interacts with writers, photographers, designers, printers, and mailing houses
  • Oversees production of Annual Report
  • Oversees marketing budget
  • Assistant Parent Association and School with marketing events, fundraising activities, and initiatives

The Director of Marketing & Communication:

  • Is committed to the MSR mission and values
  • Has a deep understanding of marketing principles, message delivery, promotion, and brand development
  • Values data and is skilled in gathering, analyzing, and sharing data
  • Understands and appreciates children 18  months to 18 years
  • Understands, appreciates, and is sensitive to a diverse constituent base
  • Is strategic and can design effective plans and approaches
  • Has excellent executive functioning skills, takes initiative, and follows through in order to achieve goals
  • Demonstrates excellent writing and communication skills
  • Demonstrates superior organizational and interpersonal skills

Interpersonal and Professional Qualities
The Director of Marketing & Communication also:

  • Demonstrates principled leadership and sound fundraising ethics
  • Works effectively and objectively with the Senior Leadership Team
  • Develops strong working relationship with employees at all levels of the institution
  • Fosters teamwork, coaches, gives feedback, involves, and inspires others
  • Sees opportunity in change
  • Owns results
  • Projects a winning attitude, a can-do approach to problems, and persistence in the face of adversity
  • Possesses a healthy sense of humor

MSR is accredited by AMS and SACS. The School offers competitive salary and benefits. Please send a cover letter and resume to